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18 January 2017

Google Chrome Prevent This Page From Creating Additional Dialogs

google chrome prevent this page from creating additional dialogs which one is the better way sometimes find that I need to re-enable alerting for debugging. Of course I can close the tab and reload it but i am looking for some better option.

Solution 1

  • You should really use console.log() instead of alert() for debugging.
  • In Chrome it even has the advantage of being able to print out entire objects (not just toString()).

Solution 2

  • Close the tab of the page you disabled alerts. Re-open the page in a new tab. The setting only lasts for the session, so alerts will be re-enabled once the new session begins in the new tab.

Solution 3

  • Right click on the tab and select "Duplicate", then close the original tab if you wish.
  • Alerting is re-enabled in the duplicate.
The duplicate tab seems to recreate the running state of the original tab so you can just continue where you were.



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