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18 January 2017

How to Modify Headers For Google Chrome

modify headers for google chrome if you want to intercept HTTP requests with a Chrome Extension, and then forward it on, potentially with new/different HTTP headers -here is how you do that.


It was certainly not possible when OP asked the question but soon later Chrome released experimental WebRequest API. But now they have been included officially in Chrome Extension. You can use it modify request and response headers in Chrome.

Solution Example
  function(details) {
    for (var i = 0; i < details.requestHeaders.length; ++i) {
      if (details.requestHeaders[i].name === 'User-Agent') {
        details.requestHeaders.splice(i, 1);
    return { requestHeaders: details.requestHeaders };
  {urls: ['<all_urls>']},
  [ 'blocking', 'requestHeaders']

Solution Using Extension

If you want to use Chrome Extension, you can use Requestly which allows you to modify request and response headers as you wish. Have a look at this snapshot:

How to Modify Headers For Google Chrome

You may also change or modify header info using link of webRequest



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