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5 February 2017

What Is Google Chrome Canary

what is google chrome canary Chrome has 4 releases - a regular release, a beta release, a dev release and canary. Canary is simply a much newer release thats not as well tested, but has the latest shiny stuff. After a while the version that was released in the canary channel gets any bugs that are found fixed, then filters downward to dev, and then to the beta and regular releases. Other than the lack of testing, and possibly not having all the bugs fixed, canary is merely chrome FROM THE FUTURE (except for those features that might get scrapped due to lack of quality)

Answer One

In short, you get cool stuff, but it might crash horribly. On the other hand, you don't have to use it as a primary (in fact, you cannot set it as default) browser. Its mainly useful if you like living dangerously and want to test bleeding edge features

Answer Two

Chrome Canary - Test release before new production release (Version prior to Chrome release)

Canary is basically a (near) nightly release built from the current tip of tree of the Chrome repository. It's the bleeding edge of development and so you should expect crashes and bugs but it's the quickest way to test recent changes to chrome.

The order from "freshness" to "stable": Canary (Development) —> Beta —> Chrome (Stable)

Answer 3

Canary is a version of the Chrome browser that is released daily, and automatically, for the Mac and Windows platforms. To get an idea of what Canary is, one can take a look at Chrome's assembly line.

Answer 4

Canary The term canary evolved from Mine alarm system which reports carbon monoxide concentration to miners so that they can escape to a safer position.This “warning system” was what gave Chrome Canary its name.

Answer 5

Video of Clearing What is chrome canary



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