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5 February 2017

Google Chrome Exit Full Screen

google chrome exit full screen, So I was testing my site for full screen mode and I noticed that when you move your mouse to the top of your screen when in full screen mode it doesn't show the little window that allowed you to exit full screen without hitting F11. Is this a bug or is it intentionally removed from the latest chrome update? It's pretty annoying.

Solution 1

The "back" button as an exit signal (it would not navigate away from the page; you'd have to press it once to exit fullscreen and another time to navigate away). That would solve it for mouse users as they can usually trigger a back button event using the side buttons. Not sure about touch screen users though. (I have no idea what buttons a Microsoft Surface has on it.)

Solution 2

I'd like you guys to create a way to exit fullscreen from all possible inputs.

- I should be able to exit fullscreen with the mouse
- I should be able to exit fullscreen with the keyboard (press ESC or F key to enter fullscreen and exit fullscreen)
- I should be able to exit fullscreen with the touchscreen (long press at the top or similar input would be great.)

I think right now you must have a keyboard to exit fullscreen.

That's my two-cents, but i think this would handle all of the input possibilities that are possible with a Windows PC/Tablet.

If you need assistance with what keys a Surface Pro has on it, i can take a photo for you and post it here.  I believe it is a full keyboard with all function keys.  No numeric pad.

Thanks for listening!



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