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13 February 2017

Google Chrome Text Looks Weird

google chrome text looks weird I still got the problem of very bad font rendering in Google Chrome. I'm using version 50.0.2661.102 m. I deactivated "DirectWrite" and it got a bit better, but thin fonts are still horrible to read. I reinstalled chrome to get the default settings.

Here is a comparison with Firefox (top). Ignore the word spacings, its caused by responsive layout and justified text. This happens with all fonts on all pages. I saw a lot of workarounds, but they all assume to have Chrome 36 and below installed. Officially it is fixed since Chrome 37. But I get this on all of my PCs. Is there a fix, or is chrome just bad with fonts?


I encountered a similar problem last night when I updated my Chromium-based Browser (Vivaldi). Text, especially certain colors or text against certain backgrounds, looked horrible. It looked jagged, unnatural or sometimes blurry. Luckily, I've rectified the issue:

Type chrome://flags in the url bar and hit enter.
Enable DirectWrite if you still have it disabled.
Scroll down to LCD text antialiasing and select Enabled.
Relaunch the browser.
Text should now appear crisp and smooth.

Solution 2

  • If by chance you're using Chrome/Firefox on Windows 10, I found the fix!
  • Control panel > Fonts > Adjust Clear Type
  • Follow the instructions and bam! All fonts on all browsers are clear and no longer jagged or blurry. :-)



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