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13 February 2017

Google Chrome Black Screen Windows 10 Fix

google chrome black screen windows 10 fix I'm not sure what's the problem but, this is just weird. If a webpage includes jquery graphs or libraries the page loads with a full black screen. I can see the source code and the mouse pointer finds the buttons or links. I uninstalled and reinstall chrome with the latest version but still no chance.


Same thing just happened to me on Google Chrome v22.0.1221.1 (Nvidia GPU). The workaround was to disable GPU compositing on all pages (setting available on chrome://flags/)

If it happens in Chrome version > 45.x, then
  • 1) try: System | Settings | Advanced settings  uncheck "Use hardware acceleration when available", restart chrome.
  • (2) If (1) doesn't help, restart your computer
  • (3) If the black screen still occurs, try Chrome Cleanup Tool to reset your chrome.
Use google-chrome -disable-gpu from the command line to temporary disable gpu.



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