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17 January 2017

Google Chrome Is Unresponsive Relaunch Now Solved

google chrome is unresponsive relaunch now after never occurring in many years of use of Chrome: When I click on a link in an email message in OutLook, a small window pops up saying, "Google Chrome is unresponsive. Relaunch now?" It continues to happen after Chrome is relaunched.
What is the solution? (If I copy the link and paste it into the address bar in a new Google window or tab, I can go to the link.)

Solution 1

What solved for me was renewing the Chrome Profile, as follows:

  • Close all chrome sessions, including the chrome tray icon
  • Navigate to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\
  • Rename "Default" folder to "Backup default"
Open Chrome and re-sync extensions, bookmarks, etc.
P.S.: As I am in a corporate environment, running anything as admin is not an option.

Solution 2

I noticed that this problem occurred every time I had a Chrome window open from a Visual Studio Web application that I was working on (Not actually debugging but just started with CTRL+F5). Looking through the material @AaronReed referenced I remembered about Chrome's handling of Multiple Processes.

I searched around and found the article Disabling Multiple Processes on Google Chrome. Following the instructions I tried adding --process-per-site to the application shortcut.

This fixed the problem for me.

Solution 3

This is the absolute correct answer. Chrome expects your app to be running as administrator...

In Windows 10:

  1. Pin your application to the taskbar
  2. Right-Click the pinned item from the taskbar and Right-Click (again) over the target application name
  3. From here, there are 2 options...A.) [Runs once] Run as administrator B.) [Change shortcut to always run as administrator] Click on properties
  4. [from 3.B continued...] From Properties pop-up -> Shortcut tab, Click Advanced button
  5. Advanced Properties: Click checkbox 'Run as administrator'
  6. Advanced Properties: Click OK
  7. App Properties: Click OK
  8. Click on app in taskbar (now it will always run as administrator)



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