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8 January 2017

Putlocker error loading media Chrome Solved

Putlocker error loading media

how to easily set putlocker error loading media chrome solution is explained here. This type of error is mostly occurs due to high load, blocking ISP, corrupt files, chrome reinstalling all of the solutions is listed below, you may try to get rid of the error.

Solution 1

TL:DR; use a VPN (virtual private network) and see if the problem persists. It most likely won’t.

As an avid streamer, I can tell you my speculation of the whole thing:

Depending on your ISP (or country), you may not be able to view/stream videos from online streaming sites.

It’s not that the problem necessarily comes from PutLocker itself. Some ISPs or network administrators blocks video streaming from sites like PutLocker to abide with their “no piracy” or “fair usage” policy.

I have recently been unable to access the videos on PutLocker and getting the same “Error Loading Media: File Not Found” error on my university’s residential network (AARNet). However, whenever I turn on my VPN (which is located on the same country, mind you), the error seems to magically disappear.

Note that this is what works for me. My workaround may or may not be the one that works for you. Also, VPNs and other proxy network providers, especially free ones, may also block video streaming from unauthorized sites.

Solution 2

You can contact Putlocker about the missing content but it usually isn't worth the time or effort.

So in the meantime try these options (Always use Google):

Movie name = x

"x putlocker" look through multiple associated links
"x viooz" again look thoroughly
"x watch online free"
"x online"
If none of these options work, try YouTube (yea sometimes it'll be on there! But I doubt it but just in case you didn't check and it happens to be there!)

Last option: torrent

Putlocker is simply amazing. It's the new megashare but it hasn't been taken down, yet.

It's very possible that the "error, file not found" is the result of Putlocker's fear of getting sued for intellectual property damage and theft by the content's distributer. Sometimes, major media companies will set up teams of people to block the viewing of their "hot contents" on websites.

Other potential reasons for missing file:

Not enough interest in file
Not the same website
Server cannot display content in certain regions

Video Solution

I figured it out. Well not entirely. But I did. It depends on the device. It works on some devices and then it doesn't work on others. I think it has to do with something that's missing and needs to be installed or something that's preventing it from running and needs to be removed. It works perfectly on my Ps4 and my phone but not my laptop.



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