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17 January 2017

Google Chrome Mobile Add Ons Any Solution ?

google chrome mobile add ons can we have add-ons firefox or extensions in Chrome in the mobile browsers like how we are using them with web browsers.


Still there is no way to add Add ones to the mobile platform its only for desktop platform. 

Can we do the following things:

  • Install an extension or plugin or add-on in the Mobile browser. (Mobile device can be Anything android or iPhone).
  • And can we utilize the touch and text area click events like how we are using to get them and code something ourself for our plugin use.
  • Can we use a javascript or ajax calls and accessing the browser events without using an webview.
  • I need to know that,
  • If user types or clicks in the text fields i have to get know that and do access the browser text field and do some useful things to do by code.

But i don't want to use separate web view application. And i do want to stay in the browsers current view itself and do the above things.

For Android is dare needed one. Please help me out for this, i had a research a lot but i couldn't able to find the solution.

If you can't add the add ones then every above thing is not possible yet.



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