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18 January 2017

How To Downgrade Google Chrome to any Version

how to downgrade google chrome to any version, Google Chrome on my machine was recently updated for V55. I work with selenium WebDriver on Chrome and Chrome once it is refurbished, all my tests went dead. I use Chromedriver v2.16. My computer partner Chrome and Chromedriver v2.16. The tests run fine on his machine. Now, based on this and I am sure that the problem may not be with Chromedriver.

Solution 1

  1. Uninstall the version that already installed
  2. Remove all Chrome data for current version from: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome
  3. Download the required chrome version here > install it
  4. Now download this registry file and open it to disable updates
  5. Click Yes
How To Downgrade Google Chrome to any Version

Now google never gone for updates installed version will remain always as it would.

Solution 2

For Windows only

To completely disable automatic Chrome updates create/edit the following registry keys/dwords under  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Update:

  • Dword: AutoUpdateCheckPeriodMinutes Value: 0
  • Dword: DisableAutoUpdateChecksCheckboxValue Value: 1
  • Dword: UpdateDefault Value: 0
  • Dword: Update{8A69D345-D564-463C-AFF1-A69D9E530F96} Value: 0
This last one was the money for me. Until I added it updates were enabled in chrome://chrome.

Note: On 64-bit machines running 32-bit Chrome you may need to put the dwords under the following key instead: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Policies\Google\Update.

Solution 3 simple

  • Goto C:\Program Files\Google\update
  • Rename update folder name to anyone



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